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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Best 5 PUBG Mobile Alternatives / Low MB Games like PUBG

In this article we are sharing some of the best PUBG Mobile Alternatives,  Player’s Unknown Battleground is one of the best trending game right now. First PUBG was launched in PC and people got psyched about the game, and you all know we need steam account to play on PC, and it coast $ 1k for this. 
Later Tencent launched PUBG Mobile on Android and IOS devices; no one thought it’s going to come on Mobile devices, But Tencent and Light speed did that, Hurrey.
We all know about this but you’re here to know the Alternatives for PUBG Mobile, it may be because of your potato phone or maybe you want to try other battle royale games which are similar to PUBG Mobile. 
So today we will share some of the Best PUBG Mobile alternatives which you can try, but I want to clear one thing before I start with list of alternatives, There is no alternative for PUBG Mobile, I mean you get lot of others games in similar but overall experience differ from PUBG Mobile.

List of 5 PUBG Mobile Alternatives for Low MB Games like PUBG :

1. RULES of Survival: (Not for LOW MB Games)

Which is also known as ROS, this game is developed by NetEase Company. This one come first in list because, it’s way competitive to PUBG Mobile and there lot of people playing this games, so you will find more real players then Bots. ROS is best PUBG Mobile Alternative in overall experience but the graphics looks bit cartoonish. If your device has low RAM then this one is not for you. You can try below other Battle royale games which are similar and for low end devices.

2. Garena Free Fire: (Low MB Games like PUBG)

Free Fire was launched before PUBG Mobile and it has over 50 Million downloads, so probably more active players.  This game is less in size, maybe 350mb and works fine in Low End Devices. I recommend you to try this game if you have not. Fire Free is best alternative for PUBG Mobile.

3. CrossFire Legends: (Low MB Games Similar PUBG)

This game is developed by Tencent the one who Developed PUBG Mobile. So practically thinking and own playing experience recommends you this game as it has more potential then I recommended just because Tencent has developed this game. The game size is approx. 700mb but wait it supports for all devices with 2GB Ram. Tencent has developed this game so this will be the best PUBG Mobile Alternative.

4. Hopeless Land: (Low MB Games like PUBG Mobile)

Another game with low in size, this game is only 350mb and supports all low end devices. I have played this game few times have never faced any issue. And graphics of this game looks decent. Because of its decent graphics and low in size this adds in our List of PUBG Mobile Alternative. You can check few gameplays on Youtube before you download this.

5. Knives Out: (Not for Low MB Game):

The gameplay of this game is way similar to PUBG Mobile, Low MB Games like PUBG Mobile and the developer of this game has developed similar Buildings, Grass and Walls similar to PUBG. The size of the game is more, it’s around 1GB. And it lags on mid and low end devices. You can download and check the game if you have more than 3GB Ram. I personally didn’t like this game because it had lot of Bugs and stuff.  

Final Words: There is no Alternative for PUBG Mobile because of overall experience and you won’t enjoy the gameplay as you do on PUBG Mobile, soon or later PUBG Mobile Lite will launch globally which will support almost all devices, Which may or will be the Best PUBG Mobile Alternative. In my suggestion you can go for Free Fire and CrossFire I’m saying this on behalf of my Poll reports of 290K peoples voted on my YouTube video .
That’s it Guys, Cheers and Enjoy Gaming. 

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