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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How to Use Tencent Buddy on PC - PUBG Mobile Tencent Gaming Buddy Controller / Keyboard Support Guide

PUBG Mobile Tencent Gaming Buddy Controller / Keyboard Support Guide - How to Use Tencent Buddy on PC

PUBG Mobile have longly demanded a way to play the game with a controller or Mouse & keyboard. The Tencent Gaming Buddy official emulator, a single software download, you can play PUBGM for free on your PC.


The first step to playing PUBG Mobile with a controller or mouse from your PC is to install the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator.
Wait for Download Tencent gaming buddy
It takes time to install the Tencent Gaming Buddy so have patience.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Guide:
1.Download the beta emulator from this link.

2.Install the .exe file in your PC.

3.Press the button to start the program, “wait for download” and then wait again at the “downloaded” screen. Around 3GB of data will be consumed to download the game, This part may take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.

4. A separate window opens during the installation process, and PUBG Mobile will launch there when it’s finished.

5. If you want to carry over your progress from your mobile device, log in using the same Facebook account on both platforms.

Default Keyboard shortcut of PUBG Mobile Tencent Gaming Buddy:

When it comes to keyboard and mouse controls, the default mapping for PUBG Mobile using Tencent Buddy is actually pretty solid. Here’s how the keys and presses will be configured after a fresh install.

•W - A – S – D / Directionals: Move (Forward/Backward) Same as all games.

•Left Click (Mouse): Fire, punch or melee

•Right Click (Mouse) : ADS

•Spacebar : Jump, vault, swim

•C: Crouch

•Z: Prone

•Free Look: Alt (Look around without losing your aim)

•Shift: Sprint

•Mouse Lock: Auto Run

•Throwables (Grenades, Frags, Smokes, Molotovs, Stuns): 4, 5, 6

•Heal Items (Medkit, First Aid, Bandage, Energy Drink, Syringe): 7,8,9,0

•F1: Quickly displays controls

•F: Interact

If by chance you don’t like the default settings, then you can change them by pressing the small keyboard button in the top-right of the emulation screen. This brings up the key mapping menu shown below. Just find the key in the area, double click its little bubble and replace the key by pressing the button you want. Save the arrangement when you’re done.

Key Mapping Tencent Gaming Buddy:

 As of now there’s no on-screen option to fire, the controller options seem a bit strange, but the mapping works like a charm. Tap the small button at the top of the keyboard menu to enter gamepad options.



Tencent Gaming Buddy is still in beta version, so bugs and performance problems are to be anticipated. That being said, pressing the small menu button at the top of the emulation window and selecting “Settings” does have a few tweaks that can be made to support lower-end systems.
So this is it about Tencent Gaming Buddy, Drop a comment if you know some tricks about this emulator and feel free to leave your suggestions.


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